• $5.00

Graft your own trees at home!  Vintage Virginia Apples grows over 200 varieties of trees, and while not all of them end up in the tree catalog, many of them are worth propagating.  To that end we have developed a list of varieties from our orchard available as scionwood for grafting at home:

Varieties Available for winter 2017/2018:

Each stick is $5, with a minimum order of 3 sticks (mixing and matching allowed), with a guarantee of at least 5 useful buds per stick.  Please enter variety requests in the "Notes" section of your order, and amount of each if you've purchased more than one stick.  Quantities are limited, so place your order asap for the best chance of receiving your full request.  All orders must be received by March 1 and will ship by mid-March.

Intrigued but not up on grafting technique?  Check out our Grafting Workshops!

Need rootstock to graft on to?  Rootstock will be available for purchase through our online catalog starting at the beginning of March.